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The ultimate Copenhagen walking tour: Experience Nørrebro with a local

Get your own costumized guided tour of the coolest hood in Denmark’s charming capital.

Norrebro Copenhagen:

Nørrebro has been appointed the World’s Coolest Neighbourhood by Time Out magazine, so be sure not to miss this vibrant, multicultural and supercool neighbourhood on your trip to Copenhagen.

Nobody knows Nørrebro better than the locals.

And it doesn’t get any more local than the local newssite Mit Nørrebro (’My Nørrebro’ in English) which is run by edititor, publisher and long time resident of Nørrebro, Mette Trudsø.

Explore colorful Nørrebro with 2019′ best photos from the district

Having worked as a journalist and storyteller for more than 20 years, Mette is your perfect guide to a truly local experience in the historic working class district which has now turned into Copenhagen’s hottest hub of cultural activities, green entrepreneurship and an innovative restaurant scene.

She’ll tell you all the best stories from Nørrebro’s more than 200 year history as well as the latest news from the district, and she can costum design a tour to suit your needs and interests. 

See more pictures from Nørrebro on Mit Nørrebro’s Instagram

Want to see the workshops and products of some of the finest local craftsmen? She’ll show you. Want a taste of the best that the local restaurant scene has to offer? She’ll serve you. Want to hang with the locals on their favorite spots? She’ll take you.

To book your own privat tour of Nørrebro, write Mette at, and she’ll get back to you within 24 hours (probably much sooner, depending on the time difference).

Photos: Lars Christian Vibild @lcvibild, Martin Dybdal nightpixdybdal, Jacob Crawfurd, Streetfood om Søerne, Mette Trudsø