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oktober, 2020

10okt18:0020:00Taste The Waste at Bioteket



Have you ever gave a thought to the incredible amount of edible food that gets wasted every day, or stared at your empty fridge hoping for sudden inspiration from what is left? It is time for re-imaging and understanding food together in a community dinner with Taste The Waste!
We want to bring back the collaboration between Bioteket and Foodsharing, expand the project of Taste The Waste, inspire and welcome everyone in one of the simplest ways we can share love with: through food!
Be ready to join in on experimenting with ingredients, making dishes you wouldn’t have thought possible before! Get your fingers in the dishes and add your signature to a delicious pot-pourie of community made dinners.
Due to the limited capacity of the space and COVID-19 regulations, register to the event or here you can sign-up for volunteering shifts. (Do not register if you are signing-up for volunteering!)
To register and find out more, click here


(Lørdag) 18:00 - 20:00



Valhalsgade 4